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Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada

Sailing & Boating around Quadra Island

stunning scenery and sheltered seas

Sailing in the waters around Quadra Island is fabulous. Admittedly the winds aren't always reliable to be sure you'll be hoisting the sails every day but the overall experience, scenery and atmosphere of Quadra and the Discovery Islands is a sailors dream. There are protected anchorages around Quadra Island and all through the Discovery Islands. Some such as Drew Harbour, Gorge Harbour, Von Donop Inlet and Desolation Sound are renowned in the Pacific-Northwest boating community.

Sailing, Drew Harbour, Quadra Island, BCIn calm conditions the waters around Quadra can be smooth as glass for weeks on end. Late summer and early fall are typically placid and the perfect time for cruising and relaxing. Spring freshets and weather systems at any time of year can bring the wind up for some exciting sailing and many of the channels have plenty of room.

Experienced sailors know to be aware at all times for changes in the weather and marine hazards. The terrain of Quadra, the Discovery Islands and neighbouring inlets is rugged, it is a maze of channels, bays, inlets, points and islands requiring skilled navigation almost all the time underway. The surrounding mountains and huge fetch of the fjords and straits can create violent sea conditions and boats do sink and lives are lost almost every year in these waters.

When the sun is shining and conditions are idyllic it is simply paradise to be on the water, adrift on the lapping waters or at anchor beside a quiet island beach.

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