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Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada

Tidal Rapids Around Quadra Island

ride the endless waves

Kayak surfing at Cooper Point, Okisollo Channel, Quadra Island, BCThe narrow channels between Quadra and the surrounding Islands surge with wild whitewater as the tide races in and out from the open Pacific Ocean to the Salish Sea. During large tidal exchanges like spring tides the rapids, whirlpools and standing waves can be an impressive sight and a thrilling paddle.

One of the finest rides is the Okisollo wave which forms off Quadra Island's Cooper Point on the north east side of the island. Here Okisollo Channel curves around the top of Quadra from Discovery Passage in an almost always turbulent flow. On a large ebbing tide the wave peels off a submerged rock in a perfect, consistent break. Surge Narrows and Arran Rapids are other major rapids in the area.

Sea kayakers and all boaters need to be aware of the tidal currents in all the channels of the Discovery Islands. It is an exhilerating aspect of the marine experience but can be hazardous to the unprepared.

Discovery Islands Lodge and Go With the Flow are located very close to Cooper Point and offer accommodation through most of the year - and they love to have paddlers stay!

Surf Kayaking, Okisollo Wave, Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada
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